Fantasy Targeting

Fantasy Targeting

I decided to have one more page of setup to make sure you know what’s going on – the “Rita1 glitches into World3” page ended up being almost entirely about the glitch and not about establishing the situation.

Also OH MAN I HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH RITA’S FACE IN THIS PAGE. Seriously. I REALLY LOVE the fact that I’m approaching this like an ANIMATOR instead of caring about accurate depictions of reality, I get to draw CRAZY EXPRESSIONS. Man I never draw expressions like that when I’m doing a pin-up because “worry/repulsion” is just NOT an emotion that comes up in that context.

Posted this one a tiny bit early because guess who did absolutely nothing to stay on top of her buffer this past week? I worked on a single-page comic for a broadsheet compilation, threw together the first try at a printed volume, and did social things instead. And still managed to draw this page from scratch (not counting my chaotic notes) in one day.

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Targeting

    • Barrett1: Totally not the target for Rita1 to assassinate. Totally.
      Barrett2: Lives with Rita2. She seems to have no desire to kill him.
      Barrett3: Lives with Rita3 and Kim3. Rita likes to ogle him FOR GOOD REASON because drow bois are HOTTT.
      Barrett4: Unknown.

      Barrett5: Wolf, chases after the sexy vixen Rita5.
      Barrett6: Owns Ritafield6, bitches at her for eating all the lasagna and pooping in his bong.
      Barrett7: Unknown.
      Barrett9: Squid demon from outside of time who tentacle-rapes a schoolgirl Rita9, resulting in oviposition fetish scenes)

      So… yes.

  1. Oh, this is stupendous. I really like the dithering – really weird but really natural up to this point.

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