Oh wow, big thanks to whoever added Rita to TVTropes. “Gainax ending”… yeah, I’ll own that.

Kickstarter ETA: who knows? I spent all day lying around in the living room, recovering from the last of four conventions in a row. At least I got to end on a pretty good note; Geek Girl Con was good to me both financially and emotionally. I should probably go eat something; all I’ve had so far was some cookies, because I don’t want to dirty any dishes until the landlord gets my dishwasher fixed.

I also have a little press release about the comic being finished. I’m compiling a list of places to send it to; if you have any suggestions for comics/sf/queer news sites that you follow, please let me know.

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  1. I think you should aim for io9 at the very least. They post a lot of stuff about comics, they seem pretty open minded and lots and lots of geeks read stuff there. I’d love to see you get some wider exposure. Rita is such a forward thinking sci-fi/fantasy awesome weirdness strip, I bet they’d post something about it, especially since the whole story is available right now. Just a thought.

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