She’s reached the peak, looking down on the city from a wide window, and there’s nothing left for her as the improbable apocalypse of huge trees rain down on the city. Oh, she’s got money – look at that dress, look at that view – but what’s it doing for her now? She probably feels kind of foolish, looking over that long drop with a dragon yapping at her.

(And where did she get that dragon from, anyway?)

Look at her posture: she’s slumped and miserable. All that wealth and success is for naught; she’s stuck in it. So much for that earthly success, huh kids? Better luck next time.

On the other hand, all her resources might well come in handy during the cleanup. Now she’s got something to *do* instead of just emptily making numbers become larger. If you’ve got it, use it – there’s no taking it with you.

Material gain is done. And hollowness may be setting in. But being miserable with a lot of money is better than being miserable with none.