Queen of (VOID)

A parched desert, cacti reaching for the dark sky like hands. In the waste is a party, smiling faces talking and drinking. But the glasses are all empty, and when it’s time for the Queen to unmask beneath the midnight sky, all that’s beneath is ripples of nothingness. She’s at a party to meet and greet, but there’s nobody beneath the mask – just the brittle illusion of social programming, just a mirror that the absence of a person is holding up.

What are you failing to do in this social interaction? What are you forgetting? Can you even remember how to provide the illusion of caring what the other party wants? The Queens are associated with water, but the only water this Queen knows is the illusion of it caused by swirls of hot air over a desert’s sands. No pebble of conversation you drop into it will ever result in a ripple.

This card is a departed mother. It is the love you cannot feel even though you know you should.