Offerings towards victory. Pride. Is she dancing with those three filigree pentacles, or is she taking them off as part of a striptease?

This is victory achieved by working with others. Push forwards, not away, and you’ll find things working out. Everything is in balance and walking the tightrope is easy once you know how to run down it; dance in joy when the goal’s achieved. Pause and rest and you fall off the line; hope there’s a net to catch you if you fall.

Who brings gifts and who receives them? Here, the supplicants bring themselves to their Queen; over in the Six of Wands, the queen gives of herself to her supplicants. Victory comes from both of these, but it only happens here when you can light other people’s fires. And the Queen may not be a real person, but might be something created from the supplicant’s gestalt.

Jupiter’s there for the same reason she’s a lion: astrology.