Ahhh. A retreat from the world in which to eff the ineffable – a house just big enough for one, a balcony with a gorgeous view, and chimes to sing with the breeze. And a book to consider, in between bouts of looking out at the view.

But look again – that house is too small for her, isn’t it? And the balcony’s barely supported. It might go falling down the cliff at any time. It’s stable enough for now, and she doesn’t look likely to be jumping up and down on dressed like that. Four is never a stable place but this is about as safe as it gets; the appearance of serenity comes close to the real thing.

What’s she studying in this magical evening? What’s she learning beneath those two moons? Don’t ask; she won’t tell. She’s done with the hard work for now. (Across the valley in the four of Wands, the dragon waits uneasy. But that’s another story.) She’s done with one thing and preparing for another; this is a time of quiet contemplation of the next step, whether it be outwards or inwards.