0(1): the Fool

The cycle begins anew.

As part of the triune fool, this is the First fool. This is the Mother, the one learning, the one bursting with life. The Spring fool. And the one so busy trying to figure out how to deal with what’s coming that she’s about to fall straight into it. What’re you endlessly researching? Sometimes you’ve gotta learn by doing.

Of course, it’s not as if she has everything she needs – the book’s fragmenting as she reads it, pages swirling around her. A precursor of Fall? Or just a reminder that you know a lot less than you think you do?

Pack on her back; she thinks she’s ready for a long journey. She’s got a telescope and everything. But it’s no use if she doesn’t use it, is it? Ignoring her common sense as it barks at her heels, frantically trying to warn her about the fall she’s about to make. And once again, the floating camera-eyes watch silently. Recording, reflecting.

Is this sunset or sunrise?