Cavalier of Cups

Fire of Water.

A socialite, a bright spirit under the greying rain. Successful and she *will* fight to maintain that. But oh, how she needs her solitude. Needs time alone to replenish. And when she loses her fights, external or internal, she’s all too prone to ride her depression down to the darkest depths. Give her the emotional goo she needs and she’ll reward you… when she can cope with the social demands she’s intensely aware of. Let her hang in her isolation tank now and then or you’ll both regret it.

A little withdrawn, flighty, sometimes social and manipulative, sometimes lost in their own gloom. A bit of manic-depressive tendency, a bit of substance abuse. It’s easy to just get on the depressipus and ride it all the way down to the bottom of the ocean.

Given a conflict, she’d rather see it smoothed over than won. But she can only play the fulcrum of a balance so long; eventually the load begins to crush her. And again, she must retreat. Sometimes things get complicated. Like all that tubing. Just what plugs into where, in that tank? It almost looks like some of those tubes go right through her. What’s she filtering; what’s building up inside her and how on earth do you clean it out of *her*? She certainly can’t do it for herself. Not easily, at least. Maybe some complex process involving scrubbing the residue bare with chemicals – cold reactions that burn slowly.

(You might wonder why the rest of the Cups courts is a bunch of lily-white Nordic types, and she’s very definitely not. See, the Crowleyan model of the Courts is “heredity comes down through the Princess; the Knight is some guy questing from the tribe over the mountain who comes and marries the Princess, to be her King”. There’s an explicit urge to exogamy going on in that. So here’s a woman who’s come a long way from the hot place she was born in, to the cold climate that suits her moods more, who’s going to sweep that innocent, pale, Prince of Cups off his feet. Scandal will no doubt ensue. The gender twist of course makes it a bit more complicated – is she gonna drag him home to the kingdom she comes from? But roles are independent of gender; it’s just another game to play.)