One in the morning and the liquor’s all gone. Half-naked and exhausted – did you really drink it all? Hope you drank enough water to avoid the hangover tomorrow morning. How many things did you do that you’re really hoping to forget?

Maybe it’s time to stop so much excess. How many diets are born after a binge? How many gym memberships bought? Perhaps it’s time to stop partying so much and start thinking about what you really want to make happen in the world. Sleep on it while you sleep it off.

Indolence, stagnation, decline. The party’s over and the headache sets in.

(On the other hand who can plan in the middle of a party? You had your fun. Time to go into solitude, or the embrace of those few special people who won’t drain your already-empty reserves, and fill up your reservoirs of socialbleness for the next time. Visit the vintner, lay some stock in the cellar. It’s not for nothing that the neighboring Eight of Wands is about putting things away for later; this is when “later” has come and gone.)