Weaponized Frippatronics

Weaponized Frippatronics

Hey, two pages in one week! Groovy.

So in things only tangentially related to the comic, here’s more of that DR0NE thing. Episode 2 asks the same question I found myself asking at the start of chapter 2: who’s the Theora?

I laughed at the huge “SYSTEM ERASED” banner. Such a HOLLYWOOD COMPUTING moment.

I think both myself and the people behind this are creating a new narrative cliché, to be honest. Introduce an SP who follows instructions from an offscreen voice, have things go horribly arwy. Then introduce the desk jockey at the other end of that datafeed, and start exploring the relationship between them along with the problems caused by the screwed-up mission.

I don’t think this dude’s gonna end up taking his demisentient robot charge out for dinner, though.

I suspect this show is probably going to go in a very different direction than Rita. It’ll be interesting to see if any other things start to pop up as parts of the nascent “bot-and-control” trope, though. Which is already on TVTropes in the more general form of “Mission Control. (Warning: TVTropes)

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    • Yep! The green world is very much a PROG ROCK kind of place, and Tom’s attack guitar solo is pretty much intended to sound like any random two minutes from the middle of THRaKaTTaK.

      Enjoy the comic. n.n

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