Various Affections

Various Affections

This took a lot longer than I intended it to. I’d decided to pause for a few weeks after finishing the previous chapter, to deal with some other projects that had been sitting on the side entirely too long. But then I sprained my rib in aikido class, and spent a couple weeks mostly just sitting in the living room, playing Skyrim.

It also took a while because I dipped my toe into a new world: 3D modeling. I made a little reference maquette of the car in Silo!

I ended up getting it into Illustrator via an awkward process involving dropping a copy of the half-finished page into Silo, posing the model to match the loose sketches, then screengrabbing that and registering it with the image in Illustrator.

88 1

And then I treated the car images like any other thing on my sketch layers, and drew what you see here. I can see one or two refinements to the process – mostly, make two screengrabs of the setup in Silo, one with the page, one without, and swap them in Illustrator once I think things are registered – but that’s really it. I may also end up doing separate reference shots for future pages, with more varied perspective on the car.

3 thoughts on “Various Affections

  1. I’m not a car fanatic at all (don’t plan on ever owning one), but that is a SWEET ride. Absolutely love the lines. …and you know, with the way they can make motors in the wheels now, it’s not entirely unmakeable… but it HAS to be in red only.


      (I am pretty sure that there are some very firm laws and customs about How Smart An Owned Thing Can Be in this world and that Carol’s car is below that limit but… JOKE WINS sometimes.)

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