Triply Redundant

Triply Redundant

Things I googled for reference while drawing this page:

• David Bowie’s Area
• Rigging diagrams

Also holy crap drawing three tiers on one page takes forever. Now I know why nobody does this multiple-stories-in-parallel thing for very long. It’s going to get worse, too.

3 thoughts on “Triply Redundant

  1. It looks fantastic. I love the style. Feels reminiscent of Tiki art. Also, you’re brave to take on the parallel stories. That’s a tough task I’ve tended to shy away from.

    • Thanks!

      The whole comic is based around “tell parallel stories”; my earliest notes for it are entirely about ways to organize the page and the kinds of things I can do with it, not about the content. Though I’ve got a lot of notes hanging around for where the various narratives are going, too!

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