This is the last page of chapter IX! At last. It hasn’t been a long one, but it took forever to draw because of life getting in the way. Now to nail down a prop I’ll be using extensively in the next chapter.

There’s a cafe in Seattle called Trabant; I was sitting there when I drew the first panel, and borrowed its name and logotype for the high-end restaurant Carol took Rita out to. If you’re ever in the U District during winter I thoroughly recommend their “Freddy Quimby”, a yummy concoction of chai and apple cider.

Also! If you’re here because you met me at the Emerald City Comic-Con the other week, then hi! (and if you went to ECCC and came home with a very green 9 of Wands card with a galaxy on the back, that’s from my personal Tarot deck that I was using for display – I’d love to have it back.)

7 thoughts on “SYN? SYN-ACK. ACK.

  1. Holy crap. I just finished reading the archives.
    This is amazing. I don’t know how often you get that, but this is amazing. I’ve seen the “multiple-story-arcs” angle tried before, and never executed as well as this. It maintains mystery without devolving into nonsense, because even as I can’t put all the pieces together I know that the whole puzzle is there. You just feed a little bit of the puzzle bit by bit, and it makes for an amazing experience.

    I will be tracking this webcomic very closely.Please keep up this excellent work, I would hate to see this work unfinished.

    • Thanks a lot!

      I’m starting to get sentiments like that often enough to maybe start to believe that it’s pretty good. Hopefully I won’t rest on my laurels or anything!

      Right now I’m taking a hiatus for a few weeks; with chapter 9 finished, I feel like I can put it down for a bit to deal with some commissions that have been lingering entirely too long. But rest assured that I’ll be getting back on the job soon; I know where I’m going with this, I know mostly how I want to get there, and I really don’t have much to distract me from drawing these days!

  2. This is scary good. It feels somehow… right… as I read it- you sure you’re not taking Downloads Directly from the hivemind and paging them? Well, aside from my oddly worded spiritualism, this is an awesome comic.
    I will be watching you.

    • Thanks!

      There are times I wonder. Large chunks of the initial setup just kind of appeared in my head, and I’ve been working out their implications and embroidering on them ever since. Sometimes I think I’m going one way and then the characters open their mouths and start going an entirely different direction that happens to be a perfect route to where the whole story will end that I hadn’t seen.

      Which is not to say there isn’t a lot of conscious thought going into it as well. But sometimes…

  3. Wonderful comic! I love how you mix in bits of terminology in a way that makes sense, pushes the story forward *and* is mostly self-explanatory!

    P.S. Three-way handshake, hell yes. Now I can’t shake crazy ideas about what happened behind that closed doors. :D

    • Technobabble is like spice: too much can ruin a story, but so can too little. I’m glad to know I seem to be achieving the right balance!

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