Suspicious Omissions

Suspicious Omissions

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I’ve set up snazzy new chapter archive pages. Check ’em out: Chapter 1, Chapter 2.

Also, please raise your hand if you were completely not surprised that Rita(1) has a backup.

2 thoughts on “Suspicious Omissions

  1. Until I saw your comment, I assumed that Rita(1) being above meant a flashback. I went back and read the whole thing again, and now I see that the red world must be at the same time as the blue world because of the waking up from the dream about her hull being punctured.

    Rereading, I feel like I got more out of it because I already knew what was happening (sort of) and had an easier time figuring out who’s saying what. But I have found that I have to work at it to read this comic correctly. I still don’t really understand exactly what the red world is, but I assume that’s intentional and I’ll learn more as I continue through the archives.

    Anyway, I’m very definitely interested in the story. Decrypting Rita has been in my Comic Rocket queue for awhile waiting for me, and I’m glad I finally started in on it. As I said, I have to work at it a bit to really interpret what’s going on, but I’m loving the story, so it’s worth it.

    Thanks for making such a fascinating story.

    • You’re welcome, and thanks for taking the time to try and untangle this deliberately-cryptic story! This is definitely not a comic that tells the reader everything; I want you to share in some of Rita’s confusion about what exactly is going on with all these parallel worlds. Some things should become clearer upon reading further or re-reading, but some things never will – I feel like the place most reality-twisting stories fall apart is where they explain exactly What Is Happening, so I’m planning to never quite do that.

      That said it starts to make an attempt to explain what is happening and why around chapter six, when Rita finally gets a chance to pause and catch her breath and ask some questions.

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