Splits and Grafts

Splits and Grafts

Megaera’s French accent in her roar has turned into her screaming machine-translated French. This makes me giggle when I draw it. A lot.

This page took forever, what with designing and naming two more members of the Vespuline Hive, drawing Megaera twice, AND all those mirror-copies of Rita and Gary.

6 thoughts on “Splits and Grafts

  1. Yay! So awesome. Please tell me there’s a high-res version of this page somewhere that has all that text distinct in it? It’s tricky to read in this view… *pout*

    • It’s all in AI so of course there is!

      I think I’m going to reupload it with the text made a LITTLE bigger, it’s all pretty much there for flavor rather than plot but it’s good to have it all be legible.

    • I have no idea if Andrei was first booted up before the point where “our” Rita’s version history branches off from the other Rita! Parentage is very complicated among the posthuman.

  2. I think I know where this is going… or at least I’m crossing my fingers for more cross-timeline awesomeness with the lightning-fast robot. Considering how Rita 3 got killed when 1 showed up in her world, I’ve got a feeling Megæra is gonna get lucky soon.

    Oh, and I just noticed you read Homestuck – still finishing it up myself, but it’s a great read so far, though nowhere near this comic in action sequences and actual dialogue, among other things. ;)

    • Homestuck is… interesting. When the trolls showed up I pretty much quit really READING it because I just didn’t want to try to decipher all the troll logs. I might have if I’d been reading it all along, but I didn’t find out about it until a good while after they appeared. And I’ve been skimming it ever since.

      But man I really love the ways Hussie is stretching the form. Have you gotten to the part where stuff’s going down in the cue-ball guy’s study, and the story starts spilling into the HEADER? Awesome. And the mixing of fragments of animation and interactivity without ever turning it into “a crappy cartoon” like most “motion comics” experiments end up doing… it’s something special.

      I can even argue that part of its charm is the incredible amount Hussie lets his characters natter on. It feels like a definite choice – and his use of “chat log” for so much of the story influenced the much more succinct bits of chat log in Rita. Maybe one of these days I’ll get the print collections and try to read alllll the trolllogs. But then again maybe I’ll pick up “Gravity’s Rainbow” and finish it. Or have a go at “Finnegan’s Wake”.

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