restore from backup

restore from backup

Firstly: The text in this page is not glitched for story reasons. It’s glitched because I’m going to do a couple of “get your name in the story” Kickstarter rewards, and this is one of them. The text has been replaced now!

Secondly, I feel like this is a good place for a public service announcement. We’ve seen Rita-1 use multiple backups over the course of this story. What’s your backup strategy? Does it happen without any work on your part? Have you tested your backups by pulling a few files off of it?

My backup strategy is a one terabyte drive connected to the same USB hub as the tablet on my desk, and Backblaze. The local drive is managed by Apple’s Time Machine, of course. Whenever I’m at my desk, my machine is keeping multiple backups of every new version of my files, and whenever I’m connected to the net, it’s updating the copy on Backblaze’s servers.

The backup strategy that works best for you may be different. If you don’t have one, or you have one that’s such a pain you never do it, have a look at World Backup Day for some suggestions on how to implement both local and off-site backups.

11 thoughts on “restore from backup

  1. Time Machine to an external USB disk, plus CrashPlan for offsite. Every so often I burn a DVD-R of the really critical or irreplaceable stuff and put it in a computer-media-safe firebox I have, which also has important papers in it. In an evacuation scenario, the firebox and the USB drive go with me.

  2. Time Machine to a 6TB Linux NAS, Crashplan for offsite, and I also back up the NAS to Crashplan (and also back up my various hosting accounts etc. to the NAS). What do I win? :)

  3. Three-way synch using some linux util between lust, gluttony, and (when it was running) sloth (hostnames, not the actual sins). I really need to update this, since it was predicated on the assumption that all three of those machines could reach each other at 2AM.

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