Page 169

Page 169

This page.

This fucking page.

This fucking page took like half a year to draw. Admittedly there were a couple of months in there where I got absolutely no work done on the comic due to my mother dying. But this fucking page.

Now it is… well, okay, not totally done. But done enough that I’m going to post it. And the entire rest of the story, because I finished all of that off while slowly grinding away on this page, too. The blank spots remaining are mostly reserved for friends who said they’d draw a few panels for me and haven’t yet. I’m not gonna name any names; I know all too well how complicated life can get sometimes.

Major thanks to the friends who did fill in some spots for me: Ethan Kohak, who does Black Mudpuppy, Ötty Justason, who does Zukahnaut, and Melissa Fox, who does a lot of cool art.

Tell your friends. Decrypting Rita is finished. Kickstarter for book 3 soon.

4 thoughts on “Page 169

  1. I understand why you might want to never do this type of page again, but as @jimtullis said, it certainly worked really well here. Thanks for making it happen once!

    • I think the next time I do this sort of thing, it will involve me having assistants.

      You’re welcome, and thanks for reading this crazy dense thing!

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