11 thoughts on “Page 164

  1. Page oh god what I dunno I’m drunk. Well then. That’s… different page numbering scheme. Also: I haven’t commented before, but I love the sheer artistry you put into these pages and how different they are than anything else I have seen.

    • Oooh, good catch. I’m tempted to let it stand in the web version, regenerating that animation is a pain. Definitely making a note in the Things To Fix Before Print, though!

    • It’ll all be spot gloss. The animation is the result of me saying “how the heck do I make this work on the screen”!

    • It’s a reference to something? Huh, I was just riffing on Thomas Dolby’s song “Neon Sisters“. Which has always had a weird poignant resonance with me, even long before a friend overdosed on heroin.

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