Page 160

Page 160

This page concludes chapter 24. Which has generally just not been a good chapter for Rita, has it?

Next up is, at last, the full version of chapter 14.


30-40 pages left. I really need to figure out what the hell goes on in the chapter marked ‘denouemont’, my notes on chapter order just say “How long is this? What exactly happens here? Does it really exist or does it just shade into the epilogue?“. Which is not very enlightening when trying to estimate how many pages this final volume will be.

2 thoughts on “Page 160

  1. We have already had “infection”, obsession, challenge, even a chase scene; it would be imprudent to leave out the denouement!

    • Mostly it’s just a matter of disentangling my nodes and figuring out if the denouement is actually described in the stuff I have slated for the climax, and included in that rough page count. If it is then I’m much more on the ’30 pages left’ side of things than the ’40 left’.

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