page 153

page 153

I learnt the very basics of After Effects to do the glitched out text. Don’t worry if you can’t read the center text; it’s not supposed to be legible. You should be able to get some idea of the top and bottom text, though.

In the print version, of course, this text will just be in spot gloss.


(Also thanks to STriker for shaving the file size on this almost in half!)

3 thoughts on “page 153

  1. 17, 18, and 22. And very possibly 24 or even later.

    Part of me wants to suggest some other real-material technique for this – embossing, for example – but that doesn’t seem practical.

    • Counting off the remaining chapters? My notes have five of them listed. One of them might just be subsumed into another chapter, I’m not sure – it depends on how things feel when I draw the actual pages.

      As as to real-world materials, it needs to be something that can survive being pressed flat in the rest of the book. I figure by the time you’ve gotten to page 153 in the final omnibus, you WILL have noticed the spot gloss and be looking for it. Plus oh geeze I don’t want to think how much more expensive it’d be to use some SECOND cool process on just two pages; I kinda feel like each book gets one cool printing trick for me to play around with.

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