6 thoughts on “Long Mirrored Corridor

  1. Interesting. We have some purple panopticons now. We haven’t seen purple except in that one frame on the Planet of the Bunny Rabbits.

  2. Hi,

    Really trying not to complain, because I like the strip…

    But that top left advert always seems to be on top of the text of the
    first couple of panels… I’m using the latest Firefox… should I be
    trying a different browser?



    • Hmm, it’s on the right of the banner where it belongs for me on FF12 on a Mac. Oh wait FF is updating itself, let’s see if this breaks things…

      (While I’m waiting I’ll note that it also looks fine on Safari, which is my primary browser, and with Chrome.) Hmm, Firefox just updated itself to 15.0.1 and it’s still where it belongs.

      You might have an old version of the CSS. There was a period where I had some things wrong and the top ad was misplaced, and obscured the comic. Clear your cache and reload, see if that fixes it…

    • I dinked around with some things because the top ad was coming out slightly misplaced for me. Is it still overlapping the page for you? Let me know. n.n

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