Last Rock Before Enlightenment

Last Rock Before Enlightenment

It’s good to get back to the story; I’ve spent the last week on dealing with my printing mistake on book 2. And working on this spread. Though more the former than the latter.

Patreon supporters get a copy of this at like 500 percent of what it’s at on screen.

And while I’m suggesting places to put your entertainment money, let me direct you to this.

Open world parkour Jet Set Radio. By a French team. With music by the guy who did Jet Set Radio’s soundtrack. And occasional stealth bits. How can I not back this? This is the game I’ve been putting off learning enough 3D skills to make myself.

One thought on “Last Rock Before Enlightenment

  1. That game is so… FRENCH. I can say this, I grew up on European comics. It’s not a slur, it’s a compliment. :) I’d jump on that game too! and in it…

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