Interior Design

Interior Design

Holy cow you do not want to know how long the backgrounds in Fantasy World took. And the worst part of it is that I’m going to be using a completely different camera angle on the conversation for the next few panels – I’ll have to do another complex background to use for that before I can cut and paste stuff.

Or I could have some blank space behind them talking, but honestly I only want to do that if it’s actually appropriate to the setting. Future Rita’s apartment is blank because she has very few physical possessions and relishes empty space, so I’m fine with having that vast expanse of white wall on the top side! (Plus it seems to fit her mood, of wanting to shut down.)

Anyway! The next page is written and has its rough layout, so it’s very likely that you’ll see it next Tuesday.

4 thoughts on “Interior Design

  1. I can’t read the text over the cleric’s head. I know it’s reversed and probably supposed to be hard to read, but I can’t read it at all.

    It appears to contain a w, a b, an i, an o, and a c. That’s as much as I can understand of it.

    • Hmm, yeah, that’s gonna et pretty annoying isn’t it. I edited the page a bit to carry it through the panels, and it’ll show in closeup next page to.

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