Hot Swap

Hot Swap

Anthrocon was fun, but took a lot out of me. I spent the first two days after the con unable to do more than lie naked on a giant purple beanbag chair and vaguely poke at the net. Hence the gap in pages.

On the way home I read the latest from Charlie Stross, “Neptune’s Brood“. It’s about a research banker who gets caught up in a galaxy-spanning financial scam, and forcibly rebuilt into a mermaid. It’s set in the same universe as “Saturn’s Children“, but much much much much later. I enjoyed it a lot. And only after reading the book did I realize that pretty much every important character is a lady. Hooray! More like this please, people.

6 thoughts on “Hot Swap

    • A re-read of the whole chapter at once might make it clearer. That and there should be some verbal explanation in the next couple pages – this has been a pretty long sequence with minimal dialogue.

      If it still doesn’t make any sense by the end of this chapter, let me know and I’ll figure out a way to clarify it before I go to print with book 2!

      • Well, I can follow the events that happened, the spells going off at the same time created a cronosynclastic infundibulum or something, and Rita crossed over with herself three ways. It’s the motivation behind them that’s escaping me. I’m particularly confused about the whole running a sword through herself bit.

        • Mmm, yeah, I was a little worried that was insufficiently explained. It’s a dramatic dance act, shes not ACTUALLY impaling herself, guess I need to make that a little more clear. *ponder*


          • I’ve only hinted at that a little bit. I might try to throw in some explanatory text later on in book 3, or maybe add a bit more in the previous green segment. Dunno. Either way, thanks for following along despite the occasional slight confusion!

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