Well so much for getting ahead of schedule, huh? The past couple weeks have been full of revamping the website for the upcoming Kickstarter, working on said Kickstarter, preparing for two cons at the end of this month, and taking a trip to visit my mother; updates will probably be sporadic for the next few pages.

I’m also thinking of taking a brief vacation from drawing pages once I get book 2 finished. I need to take some time to get the story organized for book 3 and work on some non-Rita things.

Also, you cannot really see it, but the trees outside of the windows in the green world are totally based on the trees I saw while I was working on this page in New Orleans’s City Park. Morning Call opened up  a cafe in the old Casino building in the park and it’s the <em>best thing ever</em> to sit there drawing and eating beignets. Until the mosquitos come out, at least.

16 thoughts on “Completion

  1. Also the picture of Rita in the orange bottom left panel is displaying similar body language to Major Kira when she’s curled up in a little unhappy ball in the DS9 episode second skin?

    Poor Rita! I kinda want to hug her and give her a glass of port.

    • I was thinking more “spider-bot” than “walking octopus” but I am all for octopi. If this comic was in full color I’d be so tempted to stick in a character with chromatophores!

      And I haven’t seen any of DS9, but you are having pretty much exactly the reaction to Rita’s posture in that panel as I intend you to.

    • Funny, when I drew that I found myself thinking “maybe I should offer that for sale”. Guess I should look into making it happen.

      Now to decide if it needs a drawing, or if the text is all it needs…

    • I try to make sure that the various ladies I draw cover a wide variety of body types! I usually draw them all kinda sexy, though. But then again I like drawing lots of different shapes of sexy dudes, too.

  2. I just found your story. My mind is so twisted in circles at the moment, it’s fantastic and utterly unlike anything I’ve read before. Thank you for making this!

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