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That’s it for book 2. Thanks for reading, everyone.

I’ve been running slow on Rita due to cons and the Kickstarter; I think I’m going to take a break for a few weeks now that book 2 is done. I need to knock out a couple of proposals for shorts I’ve promised before the end of the year, and spend some time getting pretty much the entirety of the final third of the story plotted out. There are some tricky games I’ll be playing that mean I kinda have to have the whole thing at a fairly detailed level before I can start drawing it.

(Plus, to be honest, I’d like to have a couple weeks where I am not thinking about Rita – it’s been in the forefront of my mind for about a whole year, except when it’s been driven out by cons.)

Book 3 will begin somewhere around the new year; keep an eye on the comic’s twitter, facebookrss feed, or livejournal to know when it comes back, or keep an eye on my blog/twitter/lj/etc to know when it comes back, what else I’m up to, and possibly to know what kind of poop joke I feel like making today.

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  1. I just read through the whole comic and wow the story is amazing and it works so well with the way the art depicts it. Definitely one of the most engaging webcomics ever!

  2. For those of you who might be on the fence about buying the hard-copy of the printed book, let me make a full-throated recommendation. There are some amazingly impressive details that you can see in the printed book that are much harder to discern on the web page. And the colors in the book are especially striking. Not to mention it’s easier to hold the book up to the mirror than your computer screen.

  3. Have I ever mentioned that ‘escapee from a hive mind’ is a really cool idea for a character? The best part is that wasn’t how we were introduced to her. We got used to seeing her being awesome way before we got to see her being vulnerable. When she thought her past was safely behind her, she didn’t angst, she didn’t even bring it up. Those wounds had to be reopened.

    Many authors get that wrong. They bring character backstories in way too early. It shapes the reader’s interpretation of the character from the outset. They become defined and constrained by that role. That was avoided here for Rita.

    Also, Vespuline needs someone to tell them how not-pretty they’re being. They have a streak of ugly vanity.

    • Thank you!

      I think everyone’s got some kind of scars in their past. One of the important parts of becoming an adult is healing them; they’re still there, they still affect your behavior to some degree, but they don’t define who you are. Sometimes this takes a while – it took me twenty years to get over some of mine.

      The Vespuline Hive is young yet, and has a lot left to learn…

    • Going on what my winter’s been like so far, I’d guess February or March. I’d love to get moving on Rita again, but Northern winters do terrible things to my energy level – I’m lucky if I can make myself focus on art for a half hour a day right now. I think the sum total work of the past two weeks is “finished with all but one of the backer portraits for book 2”. I keep on making noises about flying south for the winter, but it hasn’t happened yet.

      Subscribe to the comic on one of the services mentioned in the post above, and forget about it until spring has thoroughly sprung. If I can get myself in gear earlier I’ll be delighted.

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