Amazingly Polite Inquiries

Amazingly Polite Inquiries

Six minutes ago, Rita1 was in a cafe making a date. Then her stupid thrillseeking ex came back into her life. Then she saw a dragon who acted and sounded just like her get her brains blown out by some wizard. And now this.

Somewhere deep below the neural network that calls itself “Rita”, a tiny subtask is calculating the probability that Tom will have any kind of coherent explanation for this. Even a bad one. It is rapidly converging on zero.

Also I really did not know that Rita1 could scream that loud. Damn.


And finally – this is the fiftieth page! Thanks to everyone who’s been reading this far; I’d love to hear what you folks out there think. If the comment section isn’t working for you (hopefully it is, I think I cleared up some problems it was having), my email is, and I’m egypturnash on AIM. Or you could just write a review or critique and post it in your blog; Google will tell me about it pretty quickly!

2 thoughts on “Amazingly Polite Inquiries

  1. I’m enjoying this!

    It seems to me, though, that Tom is (at best) in the position of Percy Spencer, standing in front of a microwave radar installation and noticing a candy bar melting in his pocket.


      It is a very good thing for him that Rita is fundamentally a NICE PERSON rather than a Terminator type. Also that she’s still kinda hot for him. and that I have no interest in drawing dismemberment

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