all your weapons are belong to us

all your weapons are belong to us

Wednesday, I got out of bed and started working on this page. I took a break after roughing out the first panel to shower, and to think about how to handle the action sequence I’m beginning – unsurprisingly I think I’m going to end up expanding one page into a couple.

And then after I solved those problems, I started thinking about the overall story. About the stuff I’ve been planning out for the climax. And I had some ideas pop into my head of what Rita will look like at that point in the story. When I got out, I pulled up a new file in the page template, and drew madly for ten or twenty minutes. Then I saved it as page 100. It’ll probably be more like 150 at this rate, but hey, as long as it’s fun, right?

I’m tempted to have very brief hints of this Rita start showing up. We’ll see. For now, just know that the end of the story is getting firmer in my mind; this drawing spurred some thinking about what exactly happens at the climax, and ways I can start foreshadowing it! (Plus I can say that the final Rita was created on leap day, which seems KIND OF APPROPRIATE all things considered.)

ALSO! Here is some totally sweet fan art of Rita from the fabulous Thomas Blue. You should buy some of his comics because they are great. (Sadly he seems to have pulled ‘The City Dreams of Tamino The Cat’ from the net while he hunts for a publisher.)

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