<> cut off—

Last page of chapter 21! First page of chapter 13! Double posted because it’s in both of them!

If you were supporting me on Patreon you could see a high-res copy of the last panel of this page! Or me waffling on about how me getting obsessive about the backgrounds lately ties into the overarching themes of the comic!

Also I should mention that Henry is a cameo of Savage Henry, created by the ever-awesome and influential (on me at least) Matt Howarth! I think that is all! Also I am running out of exclamation points!

But not out of weed.

Oh wait! I found some more exclamation points! The name of Rita and Carol’s boss is glitched out because it’s going to be replaced with a Kickstarter 3 backer! Who will have a panel or three of appearing on-stage, as well!