<> Let me take you there. Show you a living story.

There is so much I could have done in the green world that I just don’t have the room to do in this story. All I can do is make a map and write some hopefully-evocative stuff on it.

Also! If you’re attending the Emerald City Comic-Con this weekend, be sure to drop by my table in the Artist’s Alley. I won’t have anything but book 1 of Rita and some prints to sell, because I was crazy sluggish this winter.

Peggy ECCC

<> Last Rock Before Enlightenment

It’s good to get back to the story; I’ve spent the last week on dealing with my printing mistake on book 2. And working on this spread. Though more the former than the latter.

Patreon supporters get a copy of this at like 500 percent of what it’s at on screen.

And while I’m suggesting places to put your entertainment money, let me direct you to this.

Open world parkour Jet Set Radio. By a French team. With music by the guy who did Jet Set Radio’s soundtrack. And occasional stealth bits. How can I not back this? This is the game I’ve been putting off learning enough 3D skills to make myself.

<> Slow Time

Ughhhhh this page took beyond forever. I’m sure you can see why. I’m really glad I’ve made my peace with this; most advice on Making Comics On The Web tends to emphasize HAVE A SCHEDULE AND STICK TO IT COME HELL OR HIGH WATER but that advice also tends to come from strippers, who have a much more limited canvas to work on. (And hell, I’m sticking to my official schedule: “aim for two pages a week, don’t fret when that doesn’t happen”. Real life gets in the way, and so does making crazy detailed pages when the story demands it.)

Wanna see some progress shots from this page? Go here.

As with the previous EPIC PAGE, if you’re backing my Patreon campaign you get a high-res copy of that last panel.

I’m off to Portland for Furlandia, maybe I’ll see you there! The next page is a LOT simpler and might even get finished on the train down there.

Oh yeah, and this is the last page of chapter 16″.