Book 1/2 synopsis, wip

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Yesterday, I dropped all the images from book 2 into a copy of the synopsis I made for the front of book 1. This morning, I started typing stuff beneath them. Wow. Things sure do get a lot denser in book 2. And they’re even worse in 3. Good thing I’ll never need to… oh wait yes I will, I want to send a pitch for the whole story to a few publishers. That’ll be fun.

This needs some work – I’ve got to get the text on chapter X out of the book’s spine, and I might add some stuff that feels missing from some parts of book 1 (mostly I need to figure out how to change ‘Tom explodes?’ in 3 to something like ‘Tom warps too close to Earth and explodes?’). But it’s good enough for about forty-five minutes before I’ve even had breakfast.

Unused line that I might use in the publisher pitch version: CHAPTER X. Rita and Carol’s nascent relationship becomes a triad, when Rita meets Carol’s very expensive sportscar.

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