Delays, delays, delays.

It looks like I have fallen quite thoroughly off of the schedule. Again. I expected that would happen for this chapter, as it contains some very complex pages, but I was hoping to at least manage to eke out one page a week until I got through those pages.

But it is Wednesday night, and I need to spend tomorrow packing for the trip I’m taking this weekend (an impulsive vacation to Monument Valley, where I’ve always wanted to visit ever since falling in love with it through the proxy of Herriman’s ‘Krazy Kat’), and page 166 is only about halfway done. It probably won’t move any further towards done-ness over the weekend, either, as I intend to treat it as a vacation and not work on Rita for a few days. You might see the page show up at the end of next week, but no promises.

166Anyway. Here is a copy of its current state, without the dialogue because I like to be a tease. Patreon backers can see it with the dialogue.

The next four pages are going to be even more complicated than this one, and will probably also come out slowly. They’re images I’ve been leading up to for almost four years now, and finally digging into them is sort of the reason I decided to take this trip in the first place.

Anyway. Have a good weekend, and I will hopefully manage to get this page finished soon.


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