Land ho!

While posting the early-access copy of the next page to Patreon, I realized something:

If my page count estimates are correct, and if I can average two pages a week from now to the end of the book, I’ll draw the last pages of Rita somewhere in April 2015. I started drawing the first pages of this comic back in April 2011. Four years for not quite 200 pages; that’s a little less than a page a week. Sheesh. I am not fast.

I am also a solo creator, who learnt to chart the waters of self-publishing during those four years, and had a major mistake in that part of the process eat half a year. So it’s a little better than that. But still.

Anyway. The end is definitely in sight; there’s a page in the buffer for next Tuesday and I feel pretty confident I’ll get another one done for Thursday. Next week will probably have some delays as there’s a super-complicated full-page panel to draw – but on the other hand I’ve also got three pages at the end of this chapter that are all ready to go, once I get up to them.

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