fan art!

While I was at Rose City Comic Con, my ex-with-benefits slipped me a link to this drawing he found on the Internet.


It is by one Callisa, and is currently the backdrop of my phone.

Rose City went pretty well; I would have made a profit if I hadn’t been paying for my hotel room all by myself. I need to remedy that for next year. On the train home I poked at the next chapter of Rita some, but I really won’t get back to it until mid-October – I’ll spend most of this week at Rainfurrest (where I’m the artist GOH!), go to APE the weekend after that, and then come home and spend about a week hiding in my living room with the lights off playing video games. (Anyone got suggestions for sandbox games that work on an XBox 360, allow you to play female characters, and are not Skyrim or Saint’s Row, both of which I have played the hell out of and am Done With?)

Also, I got most of the Kickstarter books shipped before the con. I am out of some shipping materials and am ordering more; once I’m done with these cons, the remaining books will go out, as well as the backed up orders on my store. And I will be delighted to not have these things hanging over me any more!

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