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I was sitting around at home showing Nick the preview copy of the second attempt at book 2. He looked at one page in chapter X and said “I want that on a T-shirt!”. So I did that. And then for good measure I added another shirt – a slight remix of what I use for my con banner, which I’ve had people ask for as a shirt before.

I have one of each of them on order, and don’t want to really put them up for sale until I’ve seen them in person – but I used the same place when I made a shirt for Five Glasses of Absinthe, and was pretty happy with the quality. If you wanna take the risk, you can click on the pictures above and buy one!

(Alternatively, if anyone knows of a good place to manage pre-orders for a minimum size print run of shirts, let me know! I’d love to be able to see if I can get enough people interested to do a silk screen run instead of print-on-demand.)

edit: I got pointed to Teespring for what is basically mini-kickstarters for shirts, with built-in fulfilment… Hmm.

2 thoughts on “a couple of t-shirts

  1. I would likely be interested! I’ll resist the urge to buy right now pending the possibility of a full run, but that Rita design especially is pretty sweet. I don’t suppose we can get spot gloss on them? :-)

    • I WISH.

      I mean if I really went over the top and was willing to hassle with a t-shirt shop I COULD do it with UV or something but…

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