a slight pause to deal with book 2

I know it’s been a week with no page. It’ll probably be another week until the next one; I need to deal with reprinting book 2.

You see, it went to print, and I got an advance copy this Friday. It looked great. Until I got to chapter X and realized there was an entire page missing. I was horrified, as I knew there were 399 more copies just like it sitting on the loading dock, waiting for my approval.

I went and checked, and it was of course entirely my fault. I’d somehow missed a page when I did the batch import to create the initial InDesign file for book 2, and never caught that when going through building all the files, or when going over the proofs. I feel pretty stupid about this; this mistake is pretty much going to eat the profits from this print run. Good thing I’m not depending on my comics to pay my rent yet or anything like that.

Anyway, I’m going to get book 2 out the door for once and for all this week if all goes well. And then it’s back to drawing.

(I’m having most of the first run disposed of, but I’m probably going to end up with a small pile of the misprints. Mostly to keep around to remind me to always check my proofs for big stupid mistakes like this, along with a close examination to make sure all my crazy printing effects are coming out correctly!)

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