I’m finally recovered enough from ECCC to start thinking about drawing comics again. There’s always a dead week in which I recover from running Table Peggy for three days straight.

I’ve been procrastinating a little extra because I don’t have dialogue for the next couple pages yet and I haven’t really felt like writing it. But then I had an idea: after doing that Winsor McCay riff as an April Fools joke, why not pay some <em>real</em> respect to him by doing one of the insanely detailed cityscapes he’s known for? So I drew out a huge closeup of the Goddess’ Head filling the page, and noodled out a rough shape.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 2.29.54PM

See the light area where it turns up? That is going to be completely filled with City. And may well be the only page this coming week. I think it’ll be worth it.

There might be dialogue over this, there might not. I dunno right now. I’m pretty sure that I’ll have a high-res copy of it available for Patreon supporters, though.

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