Matt Howarth! Kickstarter! Do it!

Emerald City Comic-Con is over, and went pretty well! (I really should have mentioned it on the blog here. Oops. Slipped my mind.)

Big thanks to all the existing fans who stopped by and told me Rita is awesome! I’m sorry I didn’t have a book 2 for you to spend money on. Life happens.

But I’m mostly writing this post to let you know about a Kickstarter by one of my idols. It is pretty safe to say you wouldn’t be reading this comic if it wasn’t for Matt Howarth; his work is a huge influence on both my drawing and my storytelling. I think I sent y’all to the first incarnation of this campaign; that one failed, as it was asking for enough money to work on for a year or so, but then Matt went and drew it in a month anyway because he is a machine optimized for making awesome science-fiction comics, and the new Kickstarter has succeeded.

There’s like five days left, so go hit it up!

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