Almost back!

I just spent about three hours sitting in a cafe with my notes for Rita. Book 3 is now ready to start drawing; I have all the parts laid out in the proper order. There'll probably be some rearrangement here and there, but I feel confident that when I look back at these notes around the end of the year, they'll be about 90% the same as what I've drawn.

I'm probably going to work on the first couple of pages of book 3 when I go to the cartoonist's meetup at the local bar tonight. I'll probably sit on them until after Further Confusion, it would be cruel to post like one or two pages and then vanish for a week!

Book 2 status: 99% ready to go to the printer, waiting for them to get back to me with the final quote. I kinda wish I'd been able to get it printed early enough to have it for FC, but I didn't. Oh well.

I am REALLY HAPPY about this; my break stretched too long. I had fun when I wasn't fighting seasonal depression, but I really started missing the sensation of knowing what I was probably going to work on when I got up every morning.

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