Book 1 will be out of print soon.

I'm getting ready to hit Jet City Comic Con down in Tacoma tomorrow. While packing my bag, I realized something: I have about 160 copies left of book 1 of Rita. Almost 100 of them are spoken for by backers of the Kickstarter for book 2. I've marked them as such so I don't accidentally dip into those.

I usually sell around at least ten copies at any con I go to. I'm definitely going to be doing more than six cons between now and next winter. I think it's pretty likely that book 1 will be out of print by the time I'm ready to go to print with book 3. I am pretty happy about this. Especially because I feel like the third Kickstarter has a good chance of making a “print a second edition of book 1” stretch goal. Thanks a ton to everyone who's supported the comic, whether it be through money, telling your friends, or whatever!

Current status of Rita: still poking at the files for book 2, my “fix before printing” list is down to just three things; then I'll be able to put together a PDF and send it off to the printer, and start getting all my plot ducks in a row for book 3.

Also, here is a photo of my Halloween costume. I was a sexy robot ghost, and my ex-with-benefits Nick was a death-god.


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