Poor Willy Wombat!

Colonel Crow, in the Library, with the Revolver.

Col. Crow’s career was unusual, in that it existed at all. Most women of the 1910s were kept well away from the service during the War, with the exception of a few all-female divisions that, truly, served more as morale-boosting exercises than actual combat units. Ms Crow, however, broke the rules. She brassed her way into the Army at the age of thirteen as a boy, and managed to keep her sex secret until she’d already earned two medals for distinguished service.

There was really nothing to do with her except promote her, and ship her back home to a desk job, at that point.

Mr. Wombat made one too many jokes about closing your eyes and thinking of England when Col. Crow was in earshot.

Many thanks to Chris Goodwin for the original inspiration.