Egypt Urnash

Hello, New Orleans! Thanks for taking a moment out of your day to type in that cryptic web address next to a weird picture you saw somewhere. I’m Peggy, and I drew that picture.

I’m an artist who grew up here in New Orleans, moved away to chase the dream of being an animator, and eventually ended up moving back here after learning what that’s actually like. Twice, if you count the time I moved back three days before Katrina, lost everything in the storm, and spent about a dozen years in places that actually have a thing called “winter”.

I am looking for interesting local opportunities to keep on making a living doing what I do best: sitting around in parks and cafes, drawing things in Adobe Illustrator.

Does your business need art or design? Your krewe? Your record label? Your coven? If we like each others’ vibe then maybe we can do something. I’m a white trans lady whose voting process is “find the most left-leaning alternative weekly and follow their suggestions”, if you want the beginnings of an idea of who I’m likely to want to work for.

Is your gallery looking for new blood? I’m looking for an excuse to do some big prints of my work. The last time I did that was around 2010; I filled a gallery with my stuff and sold about 2/3 of it before the show closed. I’ve got a few proposals for shows kicking around.

If you’d like to do some business, then drop me a line at, ping me on Telegram or Mastodon or Twitter, and we can talk about prices and schedules and whatnot.

If you’re not looking for any custom art right now but like what you see here, then I put most of it online for free. If our social media preferences overlap then perhaps you’ll want to follow me:

Mastodon Twitter Tumblr

If you want to give me money to keep drawing whatever the Muses ask me to, I have a Patreon. And some prints and shirts and books.

That is all. Thank you for your time, love, and attention. In return, here is a picture of one of the several cats who live under our house and regularly exchange “being cute cats” for “getting fed”.

The Path of Beauty and Spendour


You’re still here? Rad. Okay, here’s a bunch of links to a couple decades of my stuff. Enjoy. 💖

sic itur, ad astra