Today I discovered that iOS Photos thinks I am six people.


Mostly it thinks I’m this lady.


But sometimes it thinks I’m this woman. And damn I like being her a lot more. She’s hot.

2017 goals: Make Photos think I’m that lady more than a mere 1/7 of the time.

Vectober 5: Pencil

Still listening to Kobra and the Lotus’ “High Priestess” on repeat. Because it seems to be that kind of day.

This is a straight up photo trace because I didn’t wanna have to think about anything but the materials experiment. I am not entirely happy with the likeness (especially the nose, geeze)  but I spent a half hour on it and that’s enough, especially given that this particular tool was drawing a little bit offset from where I expected it to.

This “pencil” is actually a bristle brush, with some effects added:

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reference selfie

Animgif compilation of reference shots for #witchsonaweek.

Tools: iPhone, GorillaPod for iPhone, and the no-longer-available-on-the-app-store SnappyCam. Clamp it to a lamp, dial its speed down, and go.

(Apple hired the dude who wrote SnappyCam, which is mostly about taking super high-res burst mode shots – he did some serious magic in his compression code to save a lot more data than normal. It just so happens that he also lets you dial the speed down as far as 1 photo/hr. 2/sec is GREAT for taking a rapid flurry of reference selfies.)

I highly recommend the combination of your phone, the phone Gorillapod, and an app that can do auto-selfies for when you need some quick ref. It won’t help much if your body is strikingly different from what you’re drawing, but it’s quick and easy. Especially when you can use the front-facing camera and actually see your shots as they happen.

Before I got Snappycam, I used either Genius or Camera+; one of those two offers both timed self-shots and repeating timer, but annoyingly won’t go any faster than 5s/shot, so it’s kinda tedious. Now that I have Snappycam, I didn’t bother with either of those two when I chose my new app loadout after losing my old phone.

(PS: The wand is clear plastic, with a bunch of glittery stars and beads suspended in some kind of liquid inside of it. It is also the wand I use when I do serious magjickq’n stuff. Hand-turned ash with crystals embedded in it? Bah. I’m a chaos witch, and using something like that would mean I was starting to take this stuff entirely too seriously.)