Hello, Cupid.


There is so much pink and love on my art feeds today. Here’s some grey to break it up, from 2002 when I was full of hate for Singles Awareness Day. Now it’s 2016 and I’m none of those things, and my Valentine’s Day plans are to go to splits class¬†and maybe see the ex-with-benefits tonight, or maybe tomorrow, it’s not a big deal as long as he brings me some¬†fudge or something from the little bakery I am not allowed to remember is like six blocks northeast of me because I would become spherical if I did.

totally not an old self-portrait


I was looking through my old site from 199x this evening and found this. It’s from back when I was a boy. I was totally not thinking about gender stuff. Totally. I did not ever have a raccoon character who was ‘me’, and I especially didn’t have one who I was playing on Furrymuck a whole year before I started playing Peganthyrus, the black dragon. I totally hadn’t started painting my nails back then and totally didn’t think orange was one of the better colors I had.


Medium: probably pen and ink, colored with some mixture of Deluxe Paint and ImageFX on my Amiga.