looking good

Between accidentally discovering that iOS categorizes me as six different people, and looking at the eight year old photos of me trying to be SEXXXY on my dusty FetLife account, I am realizing that I have changed a lot in the past decade. I can’t remember when I went on hormones offhand; I think it was around twelve years ago? They’ve been good to me. I can barely recognize that gangly barely-not-a-boy with the tiniest beginnings of titties.

A few years of burlesque and pole dance class haven’t hurt that either. There are some amazingly dubious fashion choices on display in some of these old photos I’m looking at. Short hair? Really, 2005 me? And that coat? But, well, you gotta make mistakes before you can learn from them. I’ve learnt how to present myself a lot better, both in clothing and in carriage.

I’m someone else now. Will I still look like this person, but a little older, another decade from now? Who knows. Hopefully I’ll at least not look like a corpse just yet. Time to have some fun before this hot body rots off my bones.