Secret Doppleganger

Sometimes you look in the mirror and the wrong fursona looks back out.

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This one got started back in August of last year, and sat in my working directory for five months until I finally took it out today and did some finishing touches. Sometimes these things just have to lurk for a while until their time is right.

Research (IV)

Illustrator, 7h.

This started with just Kellyn perched atop the shelves (from me recalling how I kid me used to like to climb on top of the dresser in my room, or the shed in the back yard, and read), but ended up also including my SO’s character Alba in the couch. And a few of the cats who live under the house.

Today feels weird and flat and empty; I have nothing much else to say about this drawing. It feels like I may be done with the urge to draw these cozy library scenes for a while.

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