Five Candles, Six Stars

secrets, darkness, midnight rite

calling Cassiel via Mercury on the sousaphone

sombre nighttime lurking orchestral, mighty and dark and all alone


I found this lurking in an old sketchbook file from 2018 and cleaned it up today. I don’t think this was anything like the way 2018 me would have finished it but I’m pretty happy with the end result.

High-res on Patreon, prints on Redbubble, if you have a spot on your wall that you think would be best-served by covering it up with a snake lady invoking the angel of Jupiter.

Your Own Personal Lilith

click for naked snake lady

A while back I doodled this out in about a half an hour. It sat around unfinished for a good while. Today I pulled it up to experiment with some texture techniques, and ended up spending an hour getting it to where it is now. I’m still not entirely sure it’s finished but it’s good enough for now.

Dunno why I felt a need to draw my cobra sorceress character as a lamia, but here it is. I should really draw her with clothes again; it’s been forever.

dailysnek: coffee smirk


So lately when I’ve been feeling unmotivated to work on the huge, complex backgrounds of Parallax, I’ve been trying to at least make myself open up Illustrator and do some drawings of my cobra character Kalinda. (Who is also sometimes an archaeopteryx, it’s complicated.) I have been referring to these drawings as “#dailysnek” even though they are not a thing I do every day.

Today, I went out to the Meowtropolitan (a coffee shop with a room full of very very jaded cats) with Nick. On the way I decided that it would be nice to work on a bit of design I need to do for Parallax but it was by no means necessary; if all I did was to do a color version of a Daily Snek, that would be perfectly fine. I’ve generally been sluggish and unproductive lately, and I figured actually finishing something would be a nice change from “slowly picking away at complex two-page spread backgrounds”.

Worth noting: the smoke coming off of her cup is one path, with a moderately complex Appearance stack on it.

The bottommost stroke has an asterisk next to its weight because it’s got a variable width profile applied to it.

And here are all of the #dailysnek doodles thus far. Will I keep doing these? I dunno. It’s been fun so far, and people seem to like them. Click them to embiggenate.

the is is the only one that involved looking at an actual photo of a real snake, I should do that more often to figure out how to properly pile up her coils.

And then, having done this, I used the last half-hour of my Mac’s battery life to rough out a spaceship design for Parallax. Yay!

Still needs some work to turn it into something I can drop into Silo and use as reference to model. But there’s a good start there at the bottom, with some shapes that evoke assorted 70’s spaceships (mostly the Liberator from Blake’s 7, which always looked like it was going backwards, and maybe a little of the Vipers from Battlestar Galactica. Though I think I’ll try to downplay that as I work on them, as this is an eight-person shuttle with its own stardrive rather than a two-seat fighter that lives on a carrier.)

Time For A Good Book

A few days ago I was in the space of wanting to draw and having no desire to work on big projects, and no other ideas. So I asked on Mastodon.

“Kalinda.” “Kalinda.” “Naked in a coffee house.” “Kalinda TFing someone.”

I didn’t feel up to an actual TF scene so here’s a snake lady naked in a coffeehouse. With sensibly-sized boobs, and with absurdly oversized ones, because I felt like drawing big cartoon titties.

big cartoon titties version, absurdly huge cartoon titties version

If you are curious, the book is part six of the Penwiper Saga, “The Curious Adventure of the Gyrobicupola”.

a model sheet

Kalinda // cobra mode // model

(click for fullsize, because boobs)

I felt an urge to do a model sheet of my cobra character Kalinda. Who is also occasionally an archaeopteryx, and was probably a raccoon in her backstory; it’s complicated, and she’s not really a reliable narrator.

She does wear clothes. Just not in this model sheet.

I really should organize all my character model sheets in one place sometime for when I want to get other people to draw them.

Unicorn Torture For Fun And Profit

yeah so the ex-with-benefits linked to a picture of a unicorn with her mouth where one nipple should be and then we kinda went off on a tangent of my cobra sorceress character doing Absolutely Horrible But Sexy Similar Things to the ex’s unicorn character, who is sometimes said cobra’s magically-altered sex toy.

Don’t worry, Noelle gets her arms back and her mouth where it normally belongs as soon as it stops being funny, or once the scene ends.