sequel sales

Well. This is interesting. I just looked through my records to get an idea of how many copies of Rita 1 and 2 to stick in my suitcase for SPX.

ECCC 2014: 20/ na (R2 wasn’t printed yet)
RCCC 2014: 12/7 (5 bundles)
APE 2014: 11/6 (6 bundles)
Sasquan: 12/12 (8 bundles)
ECCC 2015: 13/14 (9 bundles)

And that tells me two things. One, that at most cons I sell about twice as many copies of book 1 as I do book 2. Unsurprising, as I’m not the only person who’s seen that kind of drop-off for sequel sales.

But wow. Sasquan moved the same amount of both books. And Emerald City is amazing: I moved more copies of book 2 there than 1. And a third of those were either returning fans, or folks who bought book 1, then came back the next day and got 2 after loving 1 overnight – I get that every other con or so.

I’m definitely doing something right here. I think I’ll bring about 20 of each book to SPX.