Space Wizards

Yesterday there was a post on one of the sci-fi subreddits from someone going “every time I try to write Space Wizards they just turn into Jedi, how can I make them not just Jedi, halp”. And there were a lot of responses when I got there but I sat there over dinner tapping out a long list of things Jedi don’t do along with suggestions on how that could be interesting.


And these two bits I wrote just keep on sticking with me:


Jedi aren’t psychopomps. They don’t sit down their bodies and go wandering the low astral plane, looking for lost souls who need a guide with some knowledge of the after life. Make your space wizards have a ton of favors they end up being able to call in as a side effect of this.

Jedi don’t do exorcisms. Make your space wizards clear out psychic debris from people, places, and things. “Clearing out a spaceship full of ancient alien ghosts” sounds like a great way to spend a chapter. Hell, that’s a great way to dump a bunch of plot tokens, too – one ancient alien ghost gave them a message to pass on to something halfway across the galaxy, whoever hired the wizard to do this now owes them, etc.


I wanna read this book now. If I wasn’t just getting a project going with Nick I’d be tempted to try and write it. It probably needs a few more ideas beyond “a space psychopomp would be a super neat protagonist for a space opera” but I just like the feel of it. Maybe I should just try doodling a short story of “space wizard is hired to exorcise a haunted spaceship and ends up playing psychopomp for a few of its denizens” and see how it feels.

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