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So on the Illustrator subreddit, a challenge was issued: what can you do with just one circle?

Well, I can do this. Custom brushes were allowed for this particular challenge as long as they were a single color, and I abused that – there’s some tricksy things going on with 0% opaque shapes in the “tunnel line” brush to help it overlap less messily.

It’s a reimplementation of this piece I did back in 2021 at the behest of someone asking “how do I make a tunnel effect in Illustrator”; the original version was pretty minimal, and honestly I wouldn’t want to do it with any fewer paths than I actually used. But hey, sometimes you have to do things the hard way.

And just for laughs here’s what I get if I use the same appearance stack on a couple different shapes…

Not how I was planning on spending an hour and a half of my work day, but, well, sometimes when a challenge is issued you just have to take it.

Source: walkies.ai

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